La chambre de parade

“La chambre de Parade” is the oldest suite in the chateau. Its 17th century classified decorations will transport you to the “Grand Siècle” with all the comforts of today.

La suite Louis XVI

Thanks to its large windows, it is the brightest suite in the chateau! Typically 18th century, the decorations create a refined and warm atmosphere with a light touch.

La chambre du Roi

It is said that Charles IX stayed in this room between two hunting trips, which explains its name! Located in the entrance castelet, the room offers a breathtaking view of the chateau and the majestic avenue of poplars. The room can be booked alone or in a duplex, for a capacity of 1 to 4 people.

La chambre Raoul de Bonnemare & Marie de France

La chambre Raoul de Bonnemare

Located in the north wing of the chateau, it takes its name from the famous Legend of the Two Lovers. A charming room with direct access to the park!

La chambre Marie de France

A room and its small lounge located in the north wing of the castle. A small cocoon under the benevolent gaze of two doves.

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