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The main entrance in the heart of the chateau gives access to a large entry hall, which leads to the other floors. The stairway is Italian in style, with a domed ceiling made of brick and stone. It is also a double flight staircase, which was typical during this time period.  On the landing, there is a glass doorway with two old stained glass doors that lead to the garden of the chateau. On the first floor, the stone ceiling is richly decorated with the signs of the family Leconte.

The coat of arms of the first owner/ builder, Nicolas Leconte de Draqueville, was destroyed during the French Revolution. However, you can still see a portion of the designs, as well as the winged shells, which represents Catherine Maigret’s (Leconte’s wife) coat of arms.

The chateau was probably constructed between 1555, the year Nicolas Leconte was married, and 1577, his death. The domed ceiling above the stairway was plastered at an undetermined date, and looked very similar to the way it does today between the first and second floors. Before World War II, the ceiling was reconstructed to reveal beautiful pink bricks and stone.

The two doors on the landing of the first floor are made of oak and divided into three panels. The uppermost panel is ornately decorated with rose window and lintels carved with acanthus leaves.

Pelouse depuis l'entrée

Caisson de pierre sculpté