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The Park and the Farm

The Park :

A 22 hectare enclosed park encircles the chateau. The garden and the park are separated by a “Saut de Loup” (Aha) that is preceded by a large green area, at the bottom of which you can see the junction of the Seine and the Andelle rivers. On a clear day, the hillside that overlooks Rouen is visible. 

Next to the chapel there is a remarkable 450-year-old lime tree. Notice its size in comparison to the chapel !

In the park, there is a stone table that dates back to the Renaissance. It resembles an ancient mausoleum from the same period as the chateau. Elegant statues decorate the garden. They are duplicates of statues that were designed for Compte d’Artois  (18th century) to decorate his home “Bagatelle à Paris”. The original statues used to adorn the Chateau de Bonnemare, but they were returned to Bagtellle as they were being destroyed by Bonnemare’s volatile temperature changes.  Copies of the statue were made in 1998.

 (*)Saut de Loup: A wall with a ditch at ground level,which prevented animals from entering the garden and preserved the perspective.

The Farm :

To the left of the châtelet entrance, there is an old farmyard from the 16th century with a forge, stables, and of course a cider house. Inside of the stables you can still see the living quarters of the stable hand. His small room is suspended above the cow stables and could be accessed by a ladder. These buildings were partially renovated in 1668, which is evidenced by an inscription on a skylight around the cider house. Next to the cider house, there is an ancient storeroom, which in 1813 contained 11 large barrels (43 hectoliters each!).  The building, which forms a right angle, is comprised of a vaulted brick cellar, and an old bakery from the 16th century that has been transformed into a 3- star guesthouse.  Upon entering the building, you can still see the ovens !