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La chambre du Roi

Suite in the gatehouse with a view on the chateau.

Located in the gatehouse, this room, which we have restored and refurbished in the purest 16th century tradition, will take you back to the Renaissance period, the period in which the chateau de Bonnemare was built by Nicolas Leconte, Marquis of Draqueville.

For families, another room is also available on the first floor, with two additional beds. In the attic, it is a very warm room with old floor tiles and contemporary decoration. It has its own bathroom and a wonderful view of the poplar trees and the castle, and “La chambre du Roi” is accessible by a spiral staircase made of original stone.

It is said that the chateau de Bonnemare was an obligatory place of passage for all lords who went hunting in the lush woods of Lyons la Forêt. In all the chateaux, a room was ready for a possible passage of the King of France. Unfortunately, we have no written proof, but when we look at the remains of the decorations, the large finely carved fireplace and the traces of gilding on the beams of “La chambre du Roi”, how can we not imagine Charles IX, a passionate hunter staying there? Henry IV also, known for his cavalcades of a completely different kind had a mistress a few kilometers away!

Large windows on either side of the main room offer a large exposure of light and an exceptional view of both the chateau and the poplar avenue. This spacious 50m2 room has a comfortable canopy bed installed in front of the fireplace as was customary at the time. You can admire the magnificent tapestry and the frescos representing grotesques in the 16th century style. A large bathtub stands in the middle of the bright bathroom with original floor tiles.


Rates Low Season(1) High Season(2)
Rates including VAT in Euros per night, breakfast included(3) First night Extra night First night Extra night
La chambre du Roi double bed(180*200)

With duplex +2 simple beds

2 people 215€

190€ 215€ 190€
4 people 315€ 280€ 315€ 280€

(1) Low Season: September to June (2) High Season: July and August (3) Breakfast is served in the Grande Cuisine.

Payment in cash, cheque (upon reservation), or by bank transfer and credit card. 0,65€ tourist tax The castle is non-smoking.

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