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La chambre de Parade

An authentic 17th century suite

An authentic 17th century suite. When you walk through the doors of the Parade room, you are transported into the “great century”. Here the decorations all in purple red and gilding embody this period of splendour, personified by the reign of the “Roi soleil”, Louis XIV, whose portrait you can see with Marie Thérèse and the Dauphin. Edmond De Fieu, then owner, wanted to modernize the chateau and being very well placed at the Court, he had the means to richly adorn his room, hence the name chambre de Parade (Parade’s room), the original canopy bed, nestled in a small alcove, offered a remarkable view of the magnificent fireplace finely decorated with above, a painting painted on wood representing Aeneas carrying his father Anchise during the fall of Troy. Then, while walking around the room, you can discover all the many details that make up the decoration of this room: the recently restored door tops, the tapestry, the ornaments, the canvas on the ceiling of the alcove “l’Aurore” representing Apollo on his chariot, as well as many other features that reflect the 17th century Art de vivre.

The boudoir

In the dome-shaped boudoir, the gods and goddesses of Olympus decorate the walls. Be careful with the trompe-l’oeil panels on the lower part of the wall. Inspired by Jacques Stella, they represent children’s games. An amusing testimony from a certain era!

The bathroom

The decoration of the trompe-l’oeil bathroom is inspired by Roman art, the sink is made of green marble, two mirrors overlook it. Just above the entrance, you will find a large trompe l’oeil space that gives the illusion of a terrace opening onto the sky. The large bathtub for two blends perfectly into this “antique” décor


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Chambre de Parade double bed(140*200)

Add bed 

2 people 260 €

230 € 260€ 230€
1 person + 25 € + 25 € + 25 € + 25 €

(1) Low Season: September to June (2) High Season: July and August (3) Breakfast is served in the Grande Cuisine

Payment in cash, cheque (upon reservation), or by bank transfer and credit card. 0,65€ tourist tax.

The castle is non-smoking.

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